“CAFIPLA – From biowaste to bioproducts”

One highlight in December was the release of the podcast series “CAFIPLA – From biowaste to bioproducts”. The CAFIPLA Project podcast presents the bioproducts that are made by using the CAFIPLA technology to valorise mixed biowaste. Produced and hosted by DECHEMA, the episodes each focus on one of the CAFIPLA products and their application potential by interviewing the respective partners expert in using the biowaste-derived intermediates to further convert or manufacture these into value-added bioproducts:

Episode 1: “Biowaste fermentation for the production of lactic acid”

Pablo López Gómez from the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy in Germany explains how lactic acid is produced from biowaste, what it can be used for and why this is a great step towards a circular bioeconomy.

Episode 2: “Engineering bioprocesses to produce bio-oil from biowaste-based lactic acid”

Kevin Sabbe and Ramon Ganigué from the University of Ghent in Belgium talk about medium-chain carboxylic acid (MCCA)-biooil and caproic acid. They discuss what MCCAs can be used for and how they can serve as sustainable replacement for environmentally harmful raw materials.

Episode 3: “Microbial resource management as a tool to valorise biowaste”

Mariane van Wambeke and Kim Windey from Avecom in Belgium, experts in environmental technologies, tell us in which way microbial protein is produced from biowaste within CAFIPLA and how it can replace traditional protein sources in applications such as sustainable fertilisers or feed proteins.

Episode 4: “Optimising recovery and recycling of fibres from mixed biowaste”

Pierre Bono and Thibault Lerouge from Fibres Recherche Developpement in France focus on the CAFIPLA Fibre Recovery Platform (FRP). We learn how fibres are extracted and recycled from mixed biowaste, what this fibre material can be used for and why such recycled materials have – ecologically and economically – a promising future.

We hope you enjoy listening to the CAFIPLA podcast and get to know better our partners and the CAFIPLA products. You can find our podcast here: