Launch of Part 1: How to pre-treat biomass

On Friday 10th December, the CAFIPLA Webinar series “From organic waste to biochemicals” started with “Part 1: How to pre-treat biowaste”. The CAFIPLA partners TECNALIA, IDELUX Environnement, OWS Research Foundation and DBFZ introduced the overall CAFIPLA concept and technologies to the audience and presented how the CAFIPLA project will help create new biobased value chains based on biomass, specifically organic waste. To start, Marie-Aline Pierrard literally took us to the plant to show how municipal biowaste is currently treated at IDELUX and what are the benefits of setting up the CAFIPLA pre-treatment platforms to create value-added products. Jef van de Poel from OWS RF and Thomas from Tecnalia then went into the detail of these technologies: the Carboxylic Acid Platform (CAP) and the Fibre Recovery Platform (FRP). Following, Susann Günther from DBFZ presented results from the feedstock screening to evaluate the availability of applicable biomass around the pilot plant.

Finally, we were excited to hear from our special guest Marcos Latorre who gave us an introduction and insights about the URBIOFIN project that aims on demonstrating the viability of an integrated biorefinery to transform organic municipal solid waste into value added bioproducts.

In case you missed the webinar and are now curious about the CAFIPLA technologies – you can find the recordings of the webinar here.

Save the date already: The webinar will be held on March 17th, 2022, again from 3:00-4:30 pm.