The final project workshop in Tenneville brought together feedstock suppliers and represantatives of the waste and recycling industry as well as experts from research and development to dicuss the new results and perspectives of the innovative CAFIPLA concept including a live demonstration of the CAFIPLA pilot plant.

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The market assessment details the high relevance and impact of biowaste-derived materials in an expanding bioeconomy and demonstrates how novel value chains and markets are created from biowaste by the CAFIPLA project. The CAFIPLA technology presents a radically new approach to biowaste pretreatment via two integrated platforms to achieve maximum valorisation into bioproducts and consequent creation of new bioeconomic value chains.

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In December 2022, the podcast series "CAFIPLA - From biowaste to bioproducts" was released. The four episodes present the CAFIPLA products lactic acid, MCCAs, microbial protein and fibre-based materials.

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