The CAFIPLA consortium had their 6th General Assembly in Belgium

The partners of the CAFIPLA project met for the 6th GA in Belgium on 23-24 November, 2022 to discuss the progress of the individual work packages and to exchange ideas on the planning of the final six months of the project. The two-day meeting is taking place at the hotel Quartier Latin in Marche-en-Famenne as the CAFIPLA pilot reactor – the “LOOP” – was implemented very close-by at the waste treatment plant of IDELUX in Tenneville.

On the first meeting day, presentations of work packages (WPs) 1-4 were given, in which the main content was the results achieved so far in the Definition of requirements and biomass supply chain, the Pre-treatment via the Carboxylic Acid Platform and via the Fibre Recovery Platform as well as the CAP/FRP process integration and demonstration. On day 2, WP5–WP8 reported about progress in the Sustainability assessment, Dissemination, communication and exploitation tasks as well as the overall Project management. A part of each presentation was an outlook on the next exciting six months, the final phase of this project. Apart from the progress reports and discussions, the tour of the CAFIPLA pilot plant the “LOOP” was another highlight of the meeting.

The tour was guided by Marie-Aline Pierrard (IDELUX) who as the project manager on site put huge efforts into setting up the LOOP and accompanied by Thomas Willems (OWS Research Foundation), who explained the LOOP set up and the individual steps of the process. The two-day meeting ended with a photo session to show all CAFIPLA product samples that the partners already have at hand, lots of plans and ideas for the upcoming months and packed lunch packages to ensure a smooth journey for all partners.

The following partners participated in this 6th General Assembly: Fundation Tecnalia research & Innovation, DBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum, IDELUX ENVIRONMENT, Universität für Bodenkultur Wien, FIBRES RECHERCHE DEVELOPPMENT, OWS Research Foundation, LEIBNIZ Institut für Agrartechnik und Bioökonomie e.V., UNIVERSITEIT GENT, Biotrend-Inovacao e Engenharia em Biotecnologia SA, AVECOM, DECHEMA.