CAFIPLA methodology

The CAFIPLA project will establish a combined carboxylic acid and fibre platform as key initial steps of an integrated biorefinery.

The approach and methodology to reach this objective is based on four core components.

Research and development

CAFIPLA project key activities are the development of novel process technologies and innovative approaches to radically alter the pre-treatment in biorefineries. The CAFIPLA project combines physical, chemical, enzymatic and bacterial processes, all at soft operating conditions, to efficiently obtain carboxylic acids and fibres. In its innovation strategy, the CAFIPLA project emphasizes process control, both in the case of chemical and biological processes, to obtain the desired product spectrum, product quality and product quantity for a wide variety of biomass input streams. These pre-treatment activities are directly linked to the subsequent conversion steps that result in the production of biomaterials, biochemicals and feed additive.


CAFIPLA´s strength is the integration of technical and non-technical aspects already at this low-TRL phase. CAFIPLA aims at developing novel process technologies in which control strategies that are immediately implemented. Furthermore, CAFIPLA takes into account supply-chain aspects, as this is regarded as a key to the successful implementation of a novel biorefinery scheme. Furthermore, environmental and techno-economic aspects in the project execution are integrated and will detect the crucial legislative and social aspects to tackle. Integration in the context of CAFIPLA also refers to the integration of the CAFIPLA cascade with existing technologies such as composting or AD, as well as seeking connection with ongoing R&D initiatives.


CAFIPLA process development phase will result in demonstration activities at TRL 5. This demonstrator case study will be implemented at the IDE site in Tenneville (Belgium). The demonstration will focus on technical performance, combined with environmental and techno-economic aspects.

Continuous innovation

The CAFIPLA project will include the development of a post-project implementation plan to ensure the sustainable adoption of the project results. This will be realized by dissemination of non-confidential results, including interaction with stakeholders to exchange knowledge and ensure validation of the project results and development of business models to demonstrate the economic opportunities upon implementation of the CAFIPLA pre-treatment strategy.

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