CAFIPLA aims to valorise municipal organic waste recovery by combining a Carboxylic Acid and a Fibre recovery platform. Using only municipal organic waste will not permit the achievement of the project’s high-level objectives; why other locally available bio-waste sources are of interest for CAFIPLA. To identify local bio-waste sources’ potential, the CAFIPLA partner IDELUX Environnement contacted local companies close to its organic waste treatment plant in Tenneville, Belgium. Seven local companies showed their interest in cooperation and more locally waste valorisation. They warmly welcomed Marie-Aline Pierrard from IDELUX Environnement for sampling bio-waste or production residues.
The project partner OWS analysed the different samples according to the type of input, the composition, the availability throughout the year, the available volume, the distance, etc., to finally choose the most suitable bio-waste sources.

Next year, a pilot plant will be set up on the organic waste treatment plant of IDELUX Environnement in Tenneville to prove the CAFIPLA concept with the different bio-waste sources.
We are thrilled by the interest of the local companies shown to cooperate and contribute to our CAFIPLA journey!