“Assessment of the opportunities for an innovative biogenic waste processing concept”

The workshop, which took place at IDELUX Environment in Belgium, was a great gathering of CAFIPLA partners, stakeholders and researchers. The highlight of this meeting was the visit of the CAFIPLA pilot site, where the pilot reactor was later on implemented.

On June 29, 2022 the CAFIPLA project hosted a workshop in Tenneville, Belgium. More specifically, the CAFIPLA partners from DBFZ and DECHEMA met at IDELUX Environment to exchange views and get to know the stakeholders of the food industry, biowaste industry and researchers.

The workshop focused on the potential of heterogenous biowaste and the innovative concept of CAFIPLA to maximize the valorisation of organic waste streams. The main goal of the CAFIPLA project is the conversion from previously un(der)utilized biogenic residues and waste materials into higher value compounds as chemicals, feed and biomaterials.

The participants of this workshop also took the opportunity to network as well as visit the organic treatment plant of IDELUX, the pilot test plant for the CAFIPLA technology.