New publication by ATB and IDELUX: Upgrading pasta wastes through lactic acid fermentations

The partners at ATB studied the pasta waste samples received from IDELUX as substrate for Bacillus coagulans to produce lactic acid, a precursor for polylactic acid.

Globally, the pasta production processes generate 376.8 kt of wastes yearly in the production plants. Within CAFIPLA, our partners from IDELUX went to collect some of this residual pasta provided by TerBeke to find a new purpose.

Our partners at the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB) then studied the pasta samples as a substrate for Bacillus coagulans to produce lactid acid. The very interesting paper with the title “Upgrading pasta wastes through lactid acid Fermentations” is public and waiting to be read.