Recap: CAFIPLA Conference

Implementation Guideline

New video of the CAFIPLA pilot process

Final CAFIPLA Workshop

Final Market Assessment

Recap of CAFIPLA webinar: “New value chains from biogas plants”

CAFIPLA Project podcast

Highlights of the CAFIPLA meeting in Belgium

6th General Assembly of CAFIPLA

First CAFIPLA publication

CAFIPLA going to EFIB 2022

CAFIPLA went Conference

Stakeholder workshop at ACHEMA in Frankfurt

Stakeholder workshop in Tenneville

CAFIPLA Project video

5th General Assembly of CAFIPLA in June

Video tour of the IDELUX organic waste treatment plant in Tenneville, Belgium

Recap of CAFIPLA webinar Part 2: How to valorise biowaste

CAFIPLA Webinar series Part 2 How to valorise biowaste

CAFIPLA Advertising brochure

Recap CAFIPLA Webinar series: From organic waste to biochemicals

Register to our CAFIPLA Stakeholder platform!

CAFIPLA Webinar series From organic waste to biochemicals

Second CAFIPLA Newsletter

Initial CAFIPLA market analysis completed

12th months of CAFIPLA project

CAFIPLA gets in contact with local stakeholders

First Newsletter CAFIPLA

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